Clue has been postponed until further notice.

Please check back here for more information in the next couple weeks.

Clue Cast List

THANK YOU to everyone that auditioned for CLUE!

Our school is so abundant with talent, which makes casting a production very difficult. We thank you for your patience and willingness to be a part of this show, it is going to be a blast.

We encourage you to please stay involved with PHS Theater, even if you were not cast. There are so may ways for you to help.

Congratulations to everyone cast! Please send an email to to accept or decline your role by 8 pm on Monday, February 17.



LOCATION: Peotone High School Auditorium


  • Friday, April 17 @ 7pm
  • Saturday, April 18 @ 7pm
  • Sunday, April 19 @ 2pm

We will have our first rehearsal in the Music Room on Wednesday, February 19 from 3:30-5:30pm

Clue Cast List

WADSWORTH - Aiden Hamm

YVETTE - Eris Lanclos

MISS SCARLET - Alex Clarke

MRS. PEACOCK - Rylie Pine

MRS. WHITE - Hanna Gonzalez


PROFESSOR PLUM - Tommy Brennan

MR. GREEN - Gabriel Barta

Character 1/ the Cook - Patricia Martz

Character 2 / Singing Telegram Girl/Maid - Mackenzie Gallagher

Character 3/Maid - Sarah Gonzalez

Character 4 / Mr. Boddy - Trevor Goode

Character 5 / The Motorist - Dexter Saam

Character 6 / Chief of Police - Matthew Barta

Character 7/ Broken Down Car Cop - Giselle Calderon

Character 9/11/Maid - Audra Moore

Character 10/12/Maid - Ryley Clarke